Do you want to see more of the flora and fauna of Northern Thailand?

The Natural Walks


Light green paddy-fields, exciting wateerfalls, rapid rivers, deep green forest, hidden villages, breathtaking outlooks, peace and silence .......

Discover the beauty of nothwestern Thailand with Jon, an experienced guide, a life-long resident of Mae Hong Son.
Jon´s Natural Walks and treks provide visitors with a special opportunity to explore Thailand´s rich natural flora and fauna of the tropical forests and remote hilltribe villages.

Choose a one to six days nature walks or enduring trekking tour, which will be custom designed tours to your needs and specifications, considering your abilities and wishes.
You walk on the pathes of the local hilltribes. Cause of Jon´s enormous knowledge of the flora and fauna, you will see nature under a microscope while streching your legs in one of the most unique and untouched regions of Thailand. Along the pathes Jon will show you also the life of the people in the forest, their herbes, hunting methods, fruits of the forest and how they cultivate the land.

In the afternoon or evening you will arrive at a hilltribe village for your stay overnight. Jon will explane the life of the people, who live there since around 200 years, how they make their tools, keep their animals and produce their food.
Most of these hilltribes are ricefarmers, who cultivate the land by burning the forest, their methods didn´t change much in the last 200 years.
Jon sets a high value on doing his walks in harmony with the nature and the humans, for example it is for granted that your carry the rubbish with you, but he also supports the hilltribes in case of sickness etc.
About Jon:

Chakaphan Prowinchaikul, Jon, was born in Mae Hong Son, is an registered trekking guide and is doing his walks since 1985. His English is perfect. >From selfstuding over years he got his great knowledge about plants, insects, animals and culture. Beside being a trekking guide, he is also a great photographer and likes the nature and the animals.



You are encouraged to assist Jon in designing your trip, depending on your insterests and/or abilities. Trips may last from one to five days (provisions provided). Trained assistant-guides will accompany groups on extended camping/trekking tours.
Please have light walking shoes or walking-sandals with you, not heavy shoes, cause you have to cross rivers sometimes.
A goodsized backpack for clothing, flash light, camera, waterbottle, repellant and a small binocular, if you have.
Sleepingbags, mosquito-net and matts, Jon will bring for you, also tents for bigger tours.


For more information and booking please call or write:

By telefon or fax: (0066)-(053)-611040 or 
mobil: 01-9515880


Come to Mae Hong Son and do a Natural Walk with Jon and return home with memories to last a lifetime

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