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Welcome to Mae Hong Son!

Mae Hong Son is the capital of Thailand's nothwestern province, also called Mae Hong Son,along the Burmese border. It was founded in 1831 by the princes of Chiang Mai as an training camp for elephants captured from the surrounding jungle. He brought also the Thai Yai to this areas to hunt and train the elephants. This tribe accounts nowadays half of the population of Mae Hong Son and bring a strong Burmese influence to the Mae Hon Son's temples and festivals. The other half of the population are mainly hill tribes, a big group of Karen, as well as Lisu and Monk. In the nearer past Burmese refuges crossed the border and settled down or live in the camps next to the border.

Mae Hong Son has many nick names like „City of Three Mists“, cause it is set deep in a mountain valley, so in November and December you have the morning mist, February and March you have the smoke from burning down the ricefields and during the rainy season you have the rainfalls.

In the old days, Mae Hong Son was also called the „Siberia of the North“, cause at that time there was no paved road and the only connection to the outside was the elefant path and only the troublesome politicians and government officials were sent to this town.

But after the paved road and the airport came to Mae Hong Son the town was booming and tourism was rising, cause of the nice location surrounded by the mountains, the picturesque burmese tempels and the colourful market.

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